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 About Muse GFX

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Join date : 08/02/2010

MensajeTema: About Muse GFX   Vie Mayo 07, 2010 6:45 am

Muse GFX doesn't beat digital-Remix.. So can we please have Digital-Remix back.. We loved the layout. So please bring back Digital-Remix. Sad
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MensajeTema: Re: About Muse GFX   Vie Mayo 07, 2010 8:24 pm

i wasnt the creator of DIGITAL REMIX and LEGENDUS wasnt either.

Digital remix was sold by the Administrator in charge at the time, and we are designers who would go there and compete, on graphics tournaments.

we wanted to re create a Designers comunity and share all elements for free, no charges, no vip limitations or any other crap like that.

Their original idea and forum elements we can not recreate and we can not, use the same layouts that where originaly used because they where sold along with the forum rights and its obvious that they can take legal measures against anyone who does.

We are trying little by little to create our own forum layout, with the gathered ideas from this forums users, so that we can have something thats original and so that no one but us has any rights to it. Otherwise we can just sell out like they did on DR and let the new owner do whatever the hell he wants with it.

remember they said that they would bring DR back and it just died like that.

i know that you might think that its just as easy as just mimmic what they did on DR. but as long as someone else has the rights we can not do that sort of thing.

We dont have that much knowledge and that many tools to change the layout that much unless we buy the rights to the domain, and to do that we would have to create a way that allows us to gain some cash to doit because right now it cant pay for such a thing. I still want this to be free so we have to endure for now.

If you think that there is a lack of content then give us ideas and post them on the propper forum or PM those ideas dont just come complaining about it man.

seriously we are just trying to maintain this a free comunity and most of what is required to do what you say requires some cash.

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About Muse GFX
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