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 Forum Staff Aplications.

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MensajeForum Staff Aplications.

Application Fill out:
What can you Offer Muse Gfx?:
How often can you connect?:
What position Are you applying for?:

Note: Before, Making an application you must have a minimum of 15 posts made in the forum, we can check the logs to confirm if you really are an active member. we will not just select anyone we need someone who can keep an eye on the forum.

Thanks to those who submit applications and congratulations to those who are accepted.
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Forum Staff Aplications. :: Comentarios

Re: Forum Staff Aplications.
Mensaje el Lun Feb 15, 2010 3:05 am por Nux
Age: 12

Experience: No Experience

What can you offer Muse Gfx: I'm on the computer alot

How often can you connect: Most likely everyday

What position are you applying for?:

Re: Forum Staff Aplications.
Mensaje el Mar Feb 16, 2010 2:52 am por garciadesigns10
ok we will continue take notice of your application for now we will have to put your application on hold. so that we can determine how responsible you are on the forum.
i checked with Legendus who knows you guys a little better and he thinks that it would be a little too rash to decide now. but still we will take your application to consideration wen we choose our 1st moderator.

so far we have:

Legendus: Owner.
Me: admin + 2nd owner.
Alucard1973: Moderator.
Alexandria: complementary admin.(will help us now and then).

i guess once we get at least 20 users we will choose 1 new moderator.

PS: this does not imply that you have to submit a new application the users who submit their applications will be taken in consideration first.
Re: Forum Staff Aplications.
Mensaje  por Contenido patrocinado

Forum Staff Aplications.

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