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 Muse GFX Forum Rules

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MensajeTema: Muse GFX Forum Rules   Dom Feb 07, 2010 2:19 am

Muse GFX Rules

Respect the Authorities-
Here, at MGFX we take this seriously. The staff works hard to keep the site up and running.
These inviduals were chosen to enforce the rules and keep the boards clean. If you have a problem with any of them do NOT challenge them in the forum. Contact them via PM or instant messenger or e-mail.

No Flaming
This is to include attacking, insulting and any other type rude behavior towards one another. Ultimately, Applies to everyone.

Keep ALL posts and signatures clean
It means language, links, signatures ect.
To specify: No porn or links to porn. No hentai or links to hentai. Also, this includes use of offensive language

No Posting anything illegal
No warez, roms, crack, serial numbers, or emulators.

No spamming
Posting is easy as submitting what you wrote. However, if you want to add something to what you posted use the edit feature instead of double posting. Also, writing irrelevant posts to the topics counts as spam. By all means express your opinions but don't ruin the topic for others.

No Bypassing the filter
If a word is not to be used in the forum. Don’t modify it in anyway to make it visible or acceptable. If the filter is bypassed. Consequences will occur.

Do not Ask to be Admin/Moderator
We are on the lookout for anyone that would make a good addition to staff. Asking will only decrease your chances and ensure you don’t get the position.
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Muse GFX Forum Rules
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